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Born to a family of artists, I've picked up on my parent's talents and have worked to perfect them in the digital realm.


In high school, I took several drafting and engineering courses, thinking that I would one day become an architect or engineer. I still value that experience. It taught me a lot about how things work and how to make even the most far-fetched idea seem realistic.


My priorities changed when I had an opportunity to use 3D Studio Max in an independent study course. I discovered that I could combine my passion for playing games with my artistic and engineering skills. 

Again my engineering background gave me a firm understanding of how things work. How they're put together and how they affect one another. Skills that were indispensable in learning how to model. 


After graduating from high school I attended the International Academy of Design Technology for a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Game Production. As I went through the program I found that  I most enjoyed creating all the little pieces that put a game together. I have worked in Photoshop from a young age, so I gravitated towards digital painting and texturing, while still maintaining a passion for modeling and environment art.


Since graduating, I have been doing work in 3D modeling, photography, graphic design, and digital painting. I am always looking for ways to improve my skill set, and I intend to keep searching for new things to learn as long as I can. I am a fun-loving individual as a gamer. As much as I have a passion for the design and implementation of games, I am just as much a consumer of the industry. I love picking up games, looking at how they were put together, and seeing how they could be improved. I work toward a dream of seeing my own fantasies come to life.

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